Debiensko coke works

Debiensko coke works

Coal mining production is adherent to Czerwionka-Leszczyny town since 1898. Dębieńsko coking plant was built ten years later as a part of former "Vereinigte Königs und Laura Hütten AG" in Siemianowice.

One of the smallest europian coking palnt´s current shape comes from complete modernization in 80´s. All the same the plant´s management is struggling with several problems with local inhabitans and balancing on the very edge of final closure.

Situation have its solution in next years - the surrounding mine is coming back to live again.

Keywords: Czerwionka Leszczyny, koksownia Debiensko, uppper silesia, slask, schlesien industrie, coke plant, koksovna, industriální architektura, industrial architecture

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